Nicolò Toso

Carlo Nicolò was one of the founders, he served as first Fratelli Toso designer. Our archives still maintain many drawings by Nicolò originally signed by him. His knowledge about glass and his glass-making skills are evident in his drawings, since it is recognizable that each part and each line are made and defined to be realized in glass. He was both glass master and designer.






 Hans Stoltenberg Lerche

From 1911 until 1920 he designed some masterpieces realized by Fratelli Toso; it is the first important collaboration with an artist "stranger" to the Murano glass world. His works have been displayed during Venice Biennale in 1912, 1914 and 1920 and also at Biennale di Monza 1923. Lerche chose Fratelli Toso mostly because the mind affinity he found with the first glassmaster Vittorio Toso.





Umberto Bellotto

Between 1910 and 1920 Umberto Bellotto engaged in the glass field creating his "connubi tra ferro e vetro" (bond between iron and glass): first attempts have been realized by Fratelli Toso glassmasters. Many of these pieces have been exhibited during Venice Biennale in 1914 and Biennale Monza in 1925.






Guido Cadorin

Between the '10s and the '20s also Guido Cadorin engaged in designing glass and he worked for a period with Fratelli Toso: simple and essential pieces which set a big change in traditional Fratelli Toso production.








Vittorio Zecchin

At the end of the '30s Vittorio Zecchin engaged in designing some pieces for Fratelli Toso. In 1938 his wonderful glasses with elegant and long stem realized by Fratelli Toso have been displayed at Venice Biennale gaining great recognition.





Ermanno Toso

From 1924 Ermanno has been Fratelli Toso artistic manager and designer: many of his designs have been displayed at Venice Biennale from the 1930 until 1964.

He designed beautiful lines of murrina vases such as "Kiku", "Redentore", "Foglie", "Nerox" and "Petoni".

In the first part of his career he created lines of vases fully made by traditional murrina, new designs but with the same style: later he designed innovative and colorful murrina used to realize modern lines of vases. Traditional colours and shapes are revolutionized.

After his cousin Michele' s death (1946) he had to replace him as commercial director: indeed he hired Pollio Perelda as designer to help him in the artistic direction.

Many of his best masterpieces are in the private collection Fratelli Toso → click here



 Pollio Perelda

He has been Fratelli Toso designer from 1948 until 1964: one of his best design for Fratelli Toso is the line of vase "Stellati", between the most beautiful pieces of our collection.

Pollio designed and used modern murrina characterized by innovative colors and shapes, such as murrina "Cattedrale" and murrina "Farfalle": traditional technique joint with immagination and innovative thinking, Pollio realized unique designs which became masterpieces through the hands of Fratelli Toso skilled glassmasters.

Many of his best masterpieces are in the private collection Fratelli Toso click here







Rosanna Toso

Rosanna, Arnoldo's sister, joined the family business in 1964; she became Fratelli Toso artistic director in 1973.

Rosanna worked with murrina but she reserched new working techniques to realize modern and innovative murrina, different from traditional ones. Later in her career she rather prefered the use of crystal and essential colours mainly black and white.

An important part of her production is lighting: small and bigger lamps, applique, abat-jour. Also in her lighting designs Rosanna kept her essential and linear style following the major artistic trend of '70s and '80s by choosing simple designs, basic colours and the use of crystal.

Many beautiful examples of her pieces are in the private collection Fratelli Toso → click here





Giusto e Renato Toso

Ermanno's sons, they have been designers for Fratelli Toso in the '60s. Their work has been way different from traditional Fratelli Toso style: murrina use was left in favour of essential and linear designs mostly made in crystal.  Many of their masterpieces have been displayed during Venice Biennale gaining great success.


Many beautiful examples are in the private collection Fratelli Toso → click here


Many beautiful examples of her pieces are in the private collection Fratelli Toso →