Exhibitions and awards


Fratelli Toso participated to many national and international exhibitions during its history and gained many important prizes and awards. In our collection we keep some medals got by Fratelli Toso: we do have the precious gold medal won by Fratelli Toso at the first glass exhibition for the opening of the Murano Glass Museum in 1864.

In the last decades of the '800 Fratelli Toso participated to many exhibitions through the centralized organization and support by Murano Glass Museum. We have sure information regarding Fratelli Toso participation to (just to quote the most relevant ones):

1864: 1°Murano glass exhibition

1865: 1°Murano glass exhibition moved and showed in Wien

1867: Universal exhibition in Paris

1869: 2° Murano glass exhibition

1872: Treviso regional exhibition

1873: Universal exhibition in Wien

1878: Universal exhibition in Paris

1881: National exhibition in Milan

1882: Treviso regional exhibition

1895: 3° Murano glass exhibition

1898: National exhibition in Turin












In the '900 participation to exhibitions became a permanent aspect of Fratelli Toso activity. Fratelli Toso participated to almost every Biennale of Venice until 1970, Biennale di Monza in 1923, 1925, 1927 and later to several editions of Triennale di Milano.

Universal exhibitions, local events organized by Istituto Veneto per il Lavoro and Camera di Commercio di Venezia. Ermanno, Giusto and Renato Toso exhibited their pieces at Bevilacqua la Masa in many occasions.

We found information regarding Fratelli Toso participations in many important publications, information supported by documents and drawings from our archive.

In private collection Fratelli Toso there are many important masterpieces exhibited in the most relevant art events → click here