Murrina Fratelli Toso


“Ancient Roman glass technique. After fusing a bundle of glass canes together, the newly formed cane is draw out and sliced after cooling. Each of these slices is called murrina. These slices, which are in effect a cross-section of the canes and usually round, are arranged in a decorative motif and fused together” [Marc Heiremans, Murano-Glas im 20.Jahrhundert, 1996, Arnoldsche, Stuttgart]

Fratelli Toso has been one of the best in murrina production during 19th and 20th century: indeed in Murano they were called “murrinari”. Between the end of the '800 and the beginning of '900 many different murrina have been created, all of them of incredible value: traditional murrina "millefiori" has been evolved in many other different lines such as "Kiku" (chrysanthemum in Japanese), "Redentore" (so colled because those look like fireworks), "Millepunti" (made up of many colorful points). From the '50s Fratelli Toso designers engaged in realizing modern and innovative murrina: "Cattedrale" (looks like cathedral stained windows), "Farfalla" (looks like brush strokes), "Spirale", "Stellati" (made with colorful glass canes arranged as a stylised star). Murrina Fratelli Toso is an unmistakable brand of value and quality.

And these are just a few examples.