Temporary exhibitions


10th - 17th January 2014

Rosanna Toso Exhibition

Exhibition of glass masterpieces designed by Rosanna Toso


Opening time:

Monday - Wednesday - Friday: 9.00 - 13.00
Tuesday - Thursday: 9.00 - 17.00
Saturday - Sunday: 10.00 - 13.00


Opening night pictures - Friday 10th January 2014, Palazzo da Mula (Murano - Venezia)








Rosanna Toso started working in Fratelli Toso in 1964 as designer and she became artistic director in 1973; after Fratelli Toso division Rosanna kept on collaborating with Antica Vetreria Fratelli Toso run by her brother Arnoldo. Besides her collaboration with Fratelli Toso Rosanna founded GT Vetro Forniture and later Vesign with different partners: with these societies she mostly designed interior lighting lines.

Rosanna's designs are fresh and essential: she always preferred simple and linear shapes and patterns mostly using essential colours, such as crystal, black and white. Starting from Fratelli Toso traditional murrina she engaged in modernizing through different glass-making techniques to create new and modern murrina. Rosanna's interior lighting lines, following art-decò trend, well fitted with '80s artistic trends but those are still very appreciated nowadays.


Craftsmanship Exhibition at Villa Rachele


29th - 30th June 2013:
Craftsmanship Exhibition at Villa Rachele,
Orsago (Treviso)


On 29th and 30th JUNE, from 11.00 to 17.00, in the wonderful VILLA RACHELE, Via Mazza 4 – Orsago (TREVISO) Fratelli Toso will display some masterpieces from its glass collection especially selected for the event dedicated to italian high quality craftsmanship and eno-gastronomy.

Many interesting partners will participate to this exhibition which is free and open to the public. It is an unmissable chance to discover high quality craftsmanship and to taste local eno-gastronomic products!

Orsago is 20' away from Aviano toward Conegliano. The best way to find the villa is to park in the town square; Villa Rachele is a few feet from the square.

For further information check out the event program: CRAFTSMANSHIP EXHIBITION AT VILLA RACHELE

Follow the event page on facebook: FRATELLI TOSO EVENTS


55° Venice Biennale


In the occasion of the 55° Venice Biennale of Arts, we established a collaboration with the artist Rene Rietmeyer: he is responsible of some beautiful palaces in Venice which will host Biennale exhibitions in the next months. One of this palaces, Palazzo Mora, has been renovated in the last months after being abandoned for a very long time and it is now the location of the exhibition of Global Art Affairs Foundation (Chinese art foundation): in order to furnish this beautiful palace in the respect of his long history and to keep a connection with decorative tradition of Venice, Fratelli Toso together with other glass firms in Murano decided to give some ancient chandeliers on an extended loan. Two of our old chandeliers have been displayed until June 2014.