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Fratelli Toso today

Today Fratelli Toso is a cultural reality; it is an art gallery where is preserved the Collection of artistic pieces produced by Fratelli Toso glass factory during the ‘900, unique masterpieces collected over the years by Arnoldo Toso and today curated by Arnoldo’s daughter Caterina.
The main goal is to promote the knowledge of this incredible collection and its history through exhibitions and other divulgative activities.
Our value creation process breaks with the idea that art from the past only belongs to closed dusty museums: the Collection Fratelli Toso is narrated as a cultural heritage which is still alive, solid starting point for new projects and activities capable to reinvent Murano glass working tradition and create new positive scenarios for the future.
The historic archive, entirely conserved and scanned, is integral part of the Collection, testament of the production and of the history of Fratelli Toso glass factory since its constitution.