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Rosanna Toso

Rosanna was a woman, an artist, for me first of all she was an incredible aunt; I always remember her with love and also with great admiration. She has been an important example; intelligent and smart, she was an eclectic artist who spent her whole life passioned about her job. For Rosanna glass-making was an essential part of her personality.

In 2021 falls 20th anniversary of her premature death; I thought it was the right time to honour Rosanna and showcase her beautiful glass masterpieces.

This exhibition talks about her both as a woman and as a designer; what I remember most about Rosanna was her absolute freedom and independence. She was a cutting-edge woman; already in the ’70s she drove her small boat around Murano by herself. She never compromised and she managed to succeed in a working environment which was, perhaps still is, strongly male dominated.