Ermanno has been the artistic director and designer of the company since 1924. Many of his works have been exhibited at the Venice Biennale in the editions going from 1930 to 1964 as well as being exhibited at numerous other national and international exhibitions and exhibitions.

Some of the most beautiful Fratelli Toso murrina vases were designed by Ermanno: the “Kiku”, the “Redentore”, the “Foglie”, the “Nerox” and the “Petoni”.

In the first part of his career Ermanno creates lines of vases entirely in traditional murrine, a process in which Fratelli Toso has always stood out. Subsequently it engages in the search for a new, more colorful and modern design: the traditional murrine are distorted in colors and in shape.

After the death of his cousin Michele in 1946 (father of Arnoldo Toso) Ermanno had to take his place as commercial director having to partially set aside his role as artistic director: he then hired Pollio Perelda as a new designer.