The Fratelli Toso collection is one of the most wonderful in Murano: incredible masterpieces made in more than 150 of history born from the perfect collaboration between the best master glassmakers and top-level designers and artists. Each line of pieces is unique and reflects different styles and techniques used in different periods of the history of glassware and Murano. The Fratelli Toso collection is composed mostly of murrina pieces: wonderful late 800s murrine, murrine imagined by Ermanno Toso and Pollio Perelda between the 30s and 60s, modern interpretations of murrine designed by Rosanna Toso. But the collection also includes wonderful examples of pieces made with other traditional techniques. A collection of inestimable value for its variety and its very high artistic and historical value.

Since the 50s my father Arnoldo Toso has been the real soul of the glassfactory. From 2012 we have been working together to promote and increase the knowledge about our incredible and valuable glass collection: our collaboration unfortunately stopped in 2018, when he passed away. For many years Arnoldo run the glass-factory when the furnace was still operating; then, after the production stopped, he engaged in interior design and decoration, between the ’80s and 2000. Since after 2000 he decided to completely focus on curating the historic artistic glass collection Fratelli Toso, getting involved in the antique market. Nowadays the glass collection Fratelli Toso is an inheritance that I proudly take care of.

Caterina Toso is the last heir of the Toso family founder of the glass-factory back in 1854.

Since 2012 she runs the artistic glass collection Fratelli Toso, the research and digitalization of the historical archive of drawings and pictures: she is co-author, together with Marc Heiremans, of the book Fratelli Toso Murano 1902-1980 published in 2018.

Expert in Murano glass of ‘900, Caterina Toso works in art consulting, she certifies glass art-works for collectors and private galleries, she also curates modern and contemporary art-glass exhibitions.